Black Brown Double Sided Men’s Leather Belt

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Soft Buffalo Black and Brown Double-sided Leather Belt For Casual and Formal Use!

Live With ⭐4.7+ Rating. Get Yours Now For This Summer!

Lifetime Warranty

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A great Two-way Black Brown Double Sided Men’s Leather Belt, with black on one side and tan on the reverse. Perfect for freshening up an outfit between the office and a few drinks at the pub. When choosing a size, please take your pant size and go up to four. For example, if you wear a size 34 in pants, buy a size 38 belt.

Waist size

32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48

153 reviews for Black Brown Double Sided Men’s Leather Belt

  1. Muhammad Amer Saleem (verified owner)

    Belt is good quality

  2. Raja H. (verified owner)

    Good quality product

  3. Vikesh Bajaj (verified owner)

    Really amazing, co operative and customer friendly

  4. Asad Wasty (verified owner)

    Great Purchase

  5. Ahmed Asadi (verified owner)

    It”s Good But Rinkeled near the buckle. It”s Good Overall.

  6. Hasan K. (verified owner)

  7. Faraz Khan (verified owner)

  8. Muhammad Jawed Ismail (verified owner)

    Product Is Good

  9. Khawaja Faisal (verified owner)

    belt Leather is Good

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Ghaffrullah Chaudhry (verified owner)

    Belt Received Its a soft nice leather Belt. Just Shipping was little bit delayed

  12. M. Adil (verified owner)

    Your product is good but pls take care that There was no box Pls make your product presentable
    Rest Assured I Love the belt.

  13. Omar Javed (verified owner)

  14. Syed Fasahatullah Husseni (verified owner)

    Love This Belt, But Recommend Branding.

  15. Adil (verified owner)

    good product experience

  16. Imran Ali (verified owner)

  17. Riaz Alam (verified owner)

    Real genuine leather, very easy to switch belt color.

  18. Muhammad Bashir (verified owner)

    Good & quality products

  19. Shahzad Khan (verified owner)

    Very good customer service. Early delivery and good quality product. Highly recommended

  20. Syed Jamil Ahmed (verified owner)

    Overall experience was nice, with continued follow up which depicts good customer focus. However one of the belts had a size-related fault

  21. Asghar Ali (verified owner)

    As I was wanted

  22. Zafarullah khan Saldera (verified owner)

    Good but a bit expensive.

  23. Dr Shahbaz Khan (verified owner)

    Good experience I will love to buy again.

  24. Mustafa Ali Sheikh (verified owner)

    Leather can’t resist the friction of buckle. It’s start fading the edges

  25. Zeeshan Bhayani (verified owner)

    Good product

  26. Taufeeq Ijaz (verified owner)

    It feel like it’s not a pure leather

  27. Omar Mian (verified owner)

  28. Zeeshan Hafeez (verified owner)

    I ordered belt…dat was amazing…i really like dat.. V nice belt

  29. Adnan Danish Khan (verified owner)

    Good buy

  30. Ali Ahmad (verified owner)

    Looks and feels awesome. Genuine leather belt. Recommended. I got this one and another leather belt. both are very nice.

  31. Saleem Zubairi (verified owner)

    Its good quality

  32. Asif Mahmud (verified owner)

  33. Asif Mahmud (verified owner)

  34. Azhar Dogar (verified owner)


  35. Nauman Ehsan (verified owner)

  36. Qasim Chatha (verified owner)

  37. nadeem abbas (verified owner)

  38. Mohammad Fareed Rehan (verified owner)

  39. Fahad Sales (verified owner)

    You guys sent to me 4 to 5 inches long belt.

    • leathershub team (store manager)

      Hello Sir. You can Easily adjust your belt according to your size by using cutter knife.

  40. Abdul Rehman (verified owner)

  41. Shayan Kashif (verified owner)

    Double sided belt is really good and seems premium.

  42. Amir Ikhlas (verified owner)

  43. Hamid Sohail (verified owner)

  44. Adnan Sheikh (verified owner)

    Overall experience was very nice

  45. Irfan Ahmed sabri (verified owner)

    Very good experience. Products materials are very good quality.

  46. Shahzad Javed (verified owner)

    Quality product with fast and efficient delivery process

  47. Syed Manzoor Ahmed (verified owner)


  48. Muhammad Yousuf (verified owner)

    Product quality is good above average but delivery service and customer service is not upto the mark

  49. Adnan Younus (verified owner)

    Product is good

  50. Dr Zaheer (verified owner)

  51. Dr. Wasim Akhtar (verified owner)

  52. mushtaqahmad (verified owner)

    quality was fine. its size 38 is bigger for waist 36

  53. Asif Ghaffar (verified owner)

    Excellent product worth of our spending

  54. Rafay Soomro (verified owner)

    Bit expensive

  55. Taha B. (verified owner)

    Overall the belt quality is good. Finishing is also good.

  56. Syed (verified owner)

    Above average stuff

  57. Hamid Khan (verified owner)

  58. Rashid Sohail (verified owner)

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

  60. Huma Hasan (verified owner)

  61. Dayyam Baluch (verified owner)

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quality is good?
    It was mentioned on website it has a warranty of 3 years but no warranty card was given

  63. Atta Rasool, (verified owner)

  64. Amjad Hussain Pitafi (verified owner)

  65. Khaliq Anis (verified owner)

    The quality and product that you have started is very good and great

  66. Arif K. (verified owner)

    Belt material quality seems to be good with thick leather

  67. Habib Rehman Jokhio (verified owner)

    satisfied with product, but clip was in two pieces then I used to weld the pin with clip. Overall quality was good 🙂

  68. Fahad Jamil (verified owner)

  69. Zuhaib Shah (verified owner)

    Nice leather and nice belt thanks

  70. Anwer Ali (verified owner)

  71. imran ahmed kazmi (verified owner)

    Very good quality and I can’t express that how much good it is, I just say AWESOME!

  72. Syed Akbar Ali Shah (verified owner)

    The stuff buckle and the style looks all good.

  73. Ali E. (verified owner)

  74. Hassaan Awan (verified owner)

    Very good quality product. Price is justified.

  75. Khalid M. (verified owner)

    اچھا رہا

  76. Saadat Ali Khan (verified owner)

    The product is too good. Service is excellent

  77. Safeer (verified owner)

  78. Farrukh Binzain (verified owner)

    best quality found

  79. Taimoor (verified owner)

    Immediate delivery plus Excellent quality

  80. Adeel W. (verified owner)

  81. Muhammad Wasim (verified owner)

  82. Khalid Masood Syed (verified owner)

    Excellent leather belt

  83. Sohail Qureshi (verified owner)


  84. Muhammad Kaleem (verified owner)

    Leather is of fine quality, customer service is excellent however delivery time is delay

  85. Muhammad Altaf Butt (verified owner)

    It was a good quality belt with excellent buckle. Highly recommended, it surely provides value for money.

  86. Muhammad anwaar Alam (verified owner)

  87. Anwaar Ahmed (verified owner)

  88. Ali Karamat (verified owner)

    Quality of belt is very nice and as advertised

  89. lehrasab Waseem (verified owner)

    Excellent product….high quality and very good value for price

  90. Shan Elahi (verified owner)

  91. Yousaf (verified owner)

  92. Tahir Younis (verified owner)

    Nice product

  93. Amjad Iqbal (verified owner)


  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

  95. Ali Gohar (verified owner)

    Delivered the product as promised.

  96. faisal (verified owner)

    The belt quality was ok but not as good as it was priced.

  97. Ali Rizvi (verified owner)

    Good product…. Good customer service!! Recommended

  98. Anonymous (verified owner)

  99. Usman ahmad (verified owner)

  100. Nauman Javed (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  101. Kamran Ahmed (verified owner)

    Good Quality but buckle is uneasy while overlapping

  102. Muhammad Saqib Rasheed (verified owner)

  103. Muhammad Atif Saleem (verified owner)


  104. Saqib Ali (verified owner)

  105. Zeeshan Younus (verified owner)

    My First Experience in Leathers Hub I’m Satisficed good Quality

  106. Ashfaq Ahmed (verified owner)

    Worth buying product

  107. Anonymous (verified owner)

  108. Hamza Altaf (verified owner)

    As advertised, quality is good.

  109. Yasir Iqbal (verified owner)

    User-friendly website, very easy to choose from the available products. Quick delivery, as I have received my order with in 3 days

  110. Hasan KAZMI (verified owner)

  111. Saad (verified owner)

    Nice Good quality heighly recommended

  112. Muhammad Saeed Malik (verified owner)

    Received as shown. All leather. Dispatched in 4 days. Polite courier service.

    Thank you

  113. Aamir Aslam (verified owner)

  114. Umer Ghauri (verified owner)

  115. Muhammad Nadeem Aizud Aizud (verified owner)

    It’s a very good experience to shop your belts. It’s in good quality.

  116. Ghulam Mujtaba (verified owner)

    You should include one loop with belt

  117. Muhammad Ahmar Nasim (verified owner)

  118. Omar Javaid (verified owner)

    Very good quality, very much impressed

  119. Usman A. (verified owner)

  120. Shahzeb Saeed (verified owner)

  121. Waqas Ahmed (verified owner)

  122. Nisar Ahmed (verified owner)


  123. Tabassum Nadeem (verified owner)

  124. Khalid Hussain (verified owner)

    I purchased a belt online from here. I found it up to the mark and quite satisfied

  125. Moazzam Iqbal (verified owner)

  126. SAJJAD AHMAD (verified owner)

    I ordered the duplex leather belt and found ‘excellent’. Well done Leather Hub and keep it up, please

  127. Talha Khan (verified owner)

    the best belt I’ve ever got. pretty strong and thick. & can hold+remain in shape for a very long time due to double layer of leather.

  128. Syed Umar Nasir (verified owner)

    got both belts really nice products

  129. Asim Parvez (verified owner)


  130. Adil Butt (verified owner)

    Product is extremely good as described in product description, this double sided belt has lifetime warranty, means the belt will be replaced

  131. Muhammad Arshad (verified owner)

    good purchase of all belts.Recommended

  132. Muhammad Farhan (verified owner)

  133. Kamran Akhtar (verified owner)

    Quality of product is good

  134. Usman GHANI (verified owner)

    I paid the amount through bank transfer but the rider was demanding the amount as COD. I asked the seller and he apologized and the article was returned that was supposed to be delivered back again with Zero amount. The article arrived with zero amount and then I got the parcel. Poor service. But the article is good as per expectation.

  135. Akram Amin (verified owner)

    Good quality

  136. Abdul Wahid (verified owner)

    Belt is awesome.

  137. Jawad Amir (verified owner)

    Value for money. 👌

  138. Shoaib Anees (verified owner)

  139. Faheem N. (verified owner)

    all the belts are perfect as described!

  140. Munir Sohail (verified owner)

    Gud stuff belts

  141. Said Rasool Shah (verified owner)

  142. GHULAM HAIDER BHANGAR (verified owner)

  143. hasan syed (verified owner)

  144. Jawad Khan (verified owner)

  145. Ali Shamim (verified owner)

  146. Bilal Hussain (verified owner)

  147. Shaphan Samuel (verified owner)

  148. Usman ahmad (verified owner)

  149. mudassar.sajjad (verified owner)

  150. MoeezA. Rajpoot (verified owner)

  151. Muhammad Bilal Rasool (verified owner)

    Good value for money. Highly recommended as compared to the over priced big brands

  152. M Haris Irshad (verified owner)

    Very much satisfied with the quality

  153. Mohsin Malik (verified owner)

    Excellent product. The belt is bit hard, should be made more flexible.

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